Friends & Favorites

This page includes links to a wide array of my “Friends and Favorites,” the people, companies, and organizations that have my sincere admiration and support.  Some of them have been in my life for decades, while others are relatively new to my world.  Please know that no one here gives me any kickbacks.  My support is voluntary and completely free.


I’m in the process of transforming my former website into this mobile-friendly version.  As I transfer files from my old website to this one, you’ll see the listings below become live links, which you can then access.

In the meantime, you can at least see the names of my “Friends and Favorites” and check out the ones you can access now.  Enjoy!

Andrew Vachss

Bioelectric Shield Company

Deborah Koff-Chapin and the Center for Touch Drawing

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Daniel Amen, M.D.


Foundation for Shamanic Studies

The Gottman Relationship Institute

Johanna Hoeller, D.C.: NUCCA Chiropractor

John Giovine: Honest Mechanic

Marilyn Milos and NOCIRC

Mary Getten: Animal Communicator

Michael Tomlinson: Singer/Songwriter

Paul Rubin, D.D.S., M.I.A.O.M.T.

The Pema Chödrön Foundation

Ram Dass

Robert Koch: Vedic Astrologer

Seva Foundation

Steven M. Hall, M.D.

The Sun Magazine

More Favorites

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