Articles & Interviews

Articles and Interviews (photo of Cat Saunders)

“Writing is like taking off your clothes in a crowded room
and turning around slowlytwice.”  Janice Levy

By Cat Saunders

This section features selections from my 200-plus published articles and interviews. Articles are listed in the first section, with interviews following in the second section.

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Andrew Vachss:
Lawyer Who’s Seen It All Reveals the Worst Form of Abuse

Anorexia: Questions for Self-Exploration

Back from the Brink of Death

Beware the “Royal We”:
Everyone Benefits When You Speak Only for Yourself

Blasted by Love:
A Spiritual Eclectic Meets Ammachi

The Brutal Truth: Healing Addiction by Getting Real with Yourself

Circumcision in America: The First Cut Is the Deepest

Circumcision Myths: Riled Readers and a Feisty Cat

Confessions of an Underground Minister

The Death Series

Death as an Adviser: Working with Your Own Death

Dragonfly Resurrection:
Believe and Listen to the Still Small Voice Within

The Five-Minute Free Write

Four Principles of Effective Apology

Four Things Matter Most:
Don’t Wait Till Death Approaches to Use These Words

Gay Marriage? Absolutely!

Getting Ready for Goodbye:
Making Death a Conscious Transition

The Group Stroke

Habit Hangups? Try a Contract

Home, Sweet Home: My Personal Experience With Soul Retrieval

Honor Their Wishes:
Dying People–Like All People–Need Respect and Support

How’s It Feel to be a Man?

How to Be Happy in Hell: The Good and the Terrible at Once

How to Be Happy in Hell:
Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Special Annotated Version

How to Get Drunk on Gratitude

I Love John Because He Treats Me Like a Dog

A Letter a Day:
The Power of a Compassionate Witness

Living Out Loud:
Strong and Silent Has Its Place, But It’s Not the Only Way

Music, My Joy and Savior:
Neither a Mother Nor Death Can Destroy the Power of Music

My Dream: A World That Honors Death as Much as Life

My Father’s Last Dance:
Amidst Pain and Suffering, the Grace of Love Prevails

My Favorite Forgiveness Process

New Age Fundamentalism: New Words, Same Old Song

Quality Time Dates:
Is Your Relationship Worth 15 Minutes a Day?

Requiem for My Sister: The Many Faces of Death

Respecting a Man’s Space:
Tips for Women Who Love Men

The Root Canal Cover-Up and the Butterfly Dance

The Secret Value of Silent Days:
It’s Amazing to See What Happens When the Talking Stops

Selfish or Selfless? There Is Another Way

STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! An Emergency Plan for Anger Overloads

Violence, Pacifism, and War: A Tribute to My Father and All Veterans

A Warrior Dog’s Last Dance:
Facing Death with Dignity and Grace

A Wild Woman Dies Well:
Sally Giovine-Kerr: My “Mother-in-Spirit” Shows the Way

Wounding by Choice


Anorexia and the Brain: An Interview with Bette Lamont

Anorexia: Four Women Tell All
(Cat’s Story)

Anorexia: Four Women Tell All
(jill’s Story)

Anorexia: Four Women Tell All
(Leah’s Story)

Anorexia: Four Women Tell All
(Meg’s Story)

Back Pain? Neck Pain? Be Sure Your Head’s on Straight
Dr. Johanna Hoeller and the Story of NUCCA

Bernie Siegel on Passion, Empowerment, and Life

Circumcision: A Conversation with Four Men

The Death Series

Deep Democracy: An Interview with Arny and Amy Mindell

Dentures and Partials and Teeth, Oh My!
Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask 

Down to the Bones: One Woman’s Story of Anorexia

From Paper Towels to SoulCards: An Interview with Deborah Koff-Chapin

Growing Wings: Steve Hall, M.D., on Life, Death, and Healing

Having Problems? Maybe Your Brain’s Not Working
An Interview with Bette Lamont

Laura Davis on the Road to Reconciliation

Life After Healing: An Interview with Sandra Ingerman

Lucia Capacchione Talks About the Power of Your Other Hand

Mothers Say No to Circumcision:
In Partnership with Men to Protect Babies

Nurses Speak Out Against Circumcision:
U.S. Cited for Rampant Civil Rights Violations

100% Responsibility and a Hot Fudge Sundae:
An Interview with Ihaleakala Hew Len

One Woman, One Cause: Marilyn Milos and Genital Autonomy

Pain and Possibility: Gabriele Rico on Writing the Natural Way

Prolapse and Posture:
A Conversation with Christine Kent, Author of Saving the Whole Woman

Reflections of a Ninety-Three-Year-Old Revolutionary:
An Interview with Hazel Wolf

The Remarkable Value of Dying Well:
Dr. Ira Byock and the Missoula Demonstration Project

Shakti Woman: The Way of Vicki Noble

Silent No More: An Interview with Jessica Dodge

Soul Retrieval: An Interview with Sandra Ingerman

Suffering as Grace: An Interview with Ram Dass

Suicide, Interrupted: Jake’s Story

Tell Me About Your First Time: Early Remembrances of Death

Touch Drawing:
An Interview with Deborah Koff-Chapin

The Truth about Circumcision and HIV:
A Conversation with Marilyn Milos, R.N.

Wild Mind: An Interview with Natalie Goldberg

Your Food Choices Can Change the World:
An Interview with John Robbins

Cat Saunders, Ph.D., is a counselor in private practice in Seattle, Washington. She is also the author of Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook: A Compassionate Guide for Being Human (available through Amazon). Contact Cat by emailing her or by calling 206-329-0125 (24-hour voicemail).