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To make an appointment, please email me or

call my 24-hour confidential voice mail at (206) 329-0125.

EMAIL:  If you don’t hear back from me within one business day, please call my 24-hour confidential voicemail as a backup.

PHONE:  (206) 329-0125  This is a 24-hour confidential voicemail. If you don’t hear back within one business day, please call again. If it’s your first time calling, please spell your name for me.  Thanks!

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REAL MAIL: I have a soft spot in my heart for “real mail,” which you can send to me in care of this address:

Heartwings Foundation
P.O. Box 31161
Seattle, WA 98103

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Cat Saunders, Ph.D., is a counselor in private practice in Seattle, Washington. She is also the author of Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook: A Compassionate Guide for Being Human (available through Amazon). Contact Cat by emailing her or by calling 206-329-0125 (24-hour voicemail).