About Cat

Since 1985, I have maintained a private practice as a counselor and consultant in Seattle, Washington. I work in person or by phone with individuals, couples, and friends.

In the early 1970s, I began studying a wide array of conventional and alternative therapeutic methods. These include body work and breathing techniques, cross-cultural spiritual disciplines, and creative healing modalities.

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Abuse Issues – Addiction Recovery – Art Therapy –
Breath Work – Coma Work –
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Crisis Intervention –
Dance Therapy – Death and Dying –
Dream Work – Eating Disorders – Family Systems –
Gender Identity Issues – Grief and Loss – Ho’oponopono –
Jungian Therapy – Movement Therapy –
Nonverbal Communication – Spiritual Counseling –
Play Therapy – Process Work – Sexual Abuse Recovery


My educational background includes a three-part Bachelor’s Degree in Design/Graphics/Writing (1978). I also have a Master’s Degree in Psychology (1984) and a Ph.D. in Psychology (1993). My doctoral dissertation focused on the “missing link” related to eating disorders and functional neurology.

In June 2000, my first book, Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook: A Compassionate Guide for Being Human, was published. In addition, I’ve written more than 200 published articles and interviews, many of which have been reprinted on this website.

I completed a series of 1300 daily drawings during a period from 1983 to 1987. From these drawings, I created a deck of 64 healing cards, published in June 2007. The deck is called “Shadow and Light: Images for Women in Recovery.”


I’ve been interviewed on radio and television regarding my counseling practice, techniques for working with anger, my series of articles on death, and my work as an end-of-life midwife.

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Cat Saunders, Ph.D., is a counselor in private practice in Seattle, Washington. She is also the author of Dr. Cat’s Helping Handbook: A Compassionate Guide for Being Human (available through Amazon). Contact Cat by emailing her or by calling 206-329-0125 (24-hour voicemail).