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Take advantage of this site's free resources and contact Cat for professional support with a personal touch.

To work with Cat for counseling or consultation, or to receive end-of-life care and support, please email her or call herday or night—at 206-329-0125 (24-hour confidential voice mail).

"There are no prizes for doing everything yourself."
(Words from Dr. Cat's Helping Handbook)

"Dr. Cat is more than just a counselorshe is a mentor, supporter, and friend. She does not sit on a pedestal looking down on her clients from above, but meets you where you arehuman being to human being. Her office is a safe space in which to speak your truth, confront your demons, and become the person you really want to be."

Lara Simmons, Seattle, WA (name by permission, see "Client Testimonials")

"I have been blessed with many angels in my life, and I consider Cat to be one of the major arcana, so to speak. The care and safety of her manner and environment were integral to my path of recovery."

Jessica Dodge, Seattle, WA (name by permission, see "Client Testimonials")






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